Import and Distribution of Electronic Components



Factron, S.A. has created a quality management system according UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015 and the company is certified by IMQ, with the certificate number: 0275.2018




Quality policy


The staff of Factron S.A. is conscious of the importance of an adequate quality policy, in order to achieve the highest degree of satisfaction by our customers. In consequence all our business processes, products and services, have to meet high quality standards.

All Factron employees are suppliers and customers at the same time, as far as our daily business is concerned, and it is our task to meet the demands and expectations of our customers and suppliers in an efficient and satisfactory way.

Our means and resources are oriented in order to meet the needs or our customers and suppliers. Every company employee has the responsibility to use these means and resources in order to meet the objectives.p>

The continuous validation process of our quality certificate, as a registered company is a motivating element in a process of continuous improvement.p>

The main issues of our quality policy that we have in mind in all our activities are the following:


The customer is the reason of our existence. It is our goal to know and to fulfil his needs and demands, and to achieve his entire satisfaction.


It is our objective to meet their demands and needs in our market. A continuous evaluation process of our suppliers gives us the guarantee that their products and services do meet our customer's quality expectations.


Quality is everybody's responsibility. It is our every day's goal to do things right the first time. This means an adequate and coherent planning of all working steps, considering the requirements of our customers and suppliers.

Preventive actions are our priority, avoiding as good as possible to be obliged to do corrective measures.

We want people to be conscious of the importance of quality in all business processes; "quality thinking" is an integral part of all our activities.


Specific training is provided to all employees in order to allow them to work with high efficiency.


Good team work and an attitude of good collaboration are essential elements in order to achieve a high quality level.


New ideas, new methods and updating of our resources are essential elements for an excellent quality level.


The results of our quality process are precious data that help to further improvements.

Quality is planned and improvements are constantly implemented.

As our modern society is looking to improve the quality of live, so we are looking forward to improve our levels of quality and competence. In order to achieve this, we all working at Factron S.A. are committed to our policy of quality and innovation that are established.